Application for Congregational Affiliation

and Membership in Conservative Mennonite Conference

Name and contact address of applicant congregation:

Current affiliation:

Current leadership provision – (pastoral & elders)



Names and addresses of ordained ministers applying for recognition of ministerial credentials and ministerial membership in Conservative Mennonite Conference:



Brief history of applicant church (additional sheet may be attached):

Year of founding of congregation _________________

Conference or denominational affiliations throughout the history of the congregation:

Other historical milestones or significant features:




Congregational programs and activities— check the church programs and activities in which the congregation is active (one or more church bulletins may be attached):

_____ Sunday School

_____ Sunday morning worship services

_____ Sunday evening services

_____ Mid-week meetings

_____ Outreach programs.

Other programs and activities of the congregation:



Current membership: ______________________________

Approximate average Sunday morning attendance in the past year: ________________________

Leadership structure of the congregation in terms of pastors, associate pastors, ordained deacons, elders, church council, advisory committee (attach a roster of the committees and officers):



Name of overseer:________________________________________

If none, would the congregation be open to selecting and installing an overseer by regular CMC process? _________________


Do you consider the congregational doctrines to be in agreement with CMC positions, including the Conservative Mennonite Statement of Theology and Conservative Mennonite Statement of Practice? _______________________

State briefly the process of congregational decision to affiliate with CMC:




We submit this application with our signatures on this ___________ day of ______________ , 20____ , for congregational affiliation and membership in Conservative Mennonite Conference and for ministerial membership and recognition of ministerial credentials of the ordained ministers listed above (if not already CMC members). We accept the doctrines and practices of Conservative Mennonite Conference. We believe the Lord has led us to this place and we anticipate the blessing of fellowship, resources, and mutual accountability in the Lord’s service for His glory.

Senior pastor: _________________________________________________

Associate pastors: ______________________________________________


Overseer: _____________________________________________________

Elders: ____________________________________________