Conservative Mennonite Conference (CMC) has a wide geographical scope with significant concentrations of churches in the Midwest, particularly in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and Michigan.

The organization of CMC helps to give the conference churches a point of identity, fellowship, nurture, and outreach. A roster of member congregations is maintained along with a listing of member ministers with credentials. Primary leadership is by a six-member Executive Board elected by the ministerial body. The office is located in Rosedale, Ohio, and is staffed by a full-time general secretary, and part-time director of congregational resources, administrative assistant, and treasurer.

Other committees, boards, and representatives also serve the conference as it relates to ministries within CMC and the wider Mennonite church. Overseers serve as an important link between conference churches and the CMC office.

International affiliates (outside the U.S.)and parachurch affiliates (stateside) are important connection points for fellowship and accountability. Through reciprocal visits we experience first-hand what God is doing across the world.