Church bodies listed in this section relate to Conservative Mennonite Conference as International Affiliates. A CMC International Affiliate is a church body with a formal relationship with Conservative Mennonite Conference and with a geographic location other than in the United States or Canada. The origin or initiation of the relationship can be the result of missionary church planting ministries of Rosedale Mennonite Missions as the missionary agency of Conservative Mennonite Conference, the outreach of CMC congregations or individuals, or the application of an existing church body. Affiliates planted through RMM ministries are the conferences in Costa Rica, Ecuador, Germany, and Nicaragua. The conference in Haiti was planted through the ministry of Palm Grove Mennonite Church, Sarasota, Florida. The church in Kenya requested affiliation after moving into fellowship with CMC through attendance of some of its leaders at Rosedale Bible Institute.

The following provisions apply to the International Affiliate relationship:

  1. The Affiliate subscribes to the Conservative Mennonite Statement of Theology (1991).
  2. The affiliation is a primary association with priority over any other affiliation which the Affiliate may hold.
  3. The affiliation is fraternal in character. The Affiliate is not under the Conservative Mennonite Conference or vice versa.
  4. The purpose of the affiliation is for identity, encouragement, enrichment, mutual admonition, and cross-cultural awareness of the international scene of conservative Anabaptist persuasion, teaching, and lifestyle.
  5. The affiliation is entered into by action of the appropriate decision-making bodies of the Affiliate and of the CMC as attested by appropriate signatures.
  6. The affiliation may be terminated per decision of either party.