A Parachurch Affiliate is an autonomous evangelistic, service, or educational organization or institution affiliated with Conservative Mennonite Conference for the purpose of theological identity, ecclesiastical association, ethical accountability, communication and fellowship, and recognition as a subordinate organization of Conservative Mennonite Conference in regard to status as a not-for-profit charitable organization. This affiliation provides recognition of a ministry conducted in the context of Conservative Mennonite Conference circles by constituency of Conservative Mennonite Conference. A copy of “Plan for Parachurch Affiliates” is available from the CMC office.


Administrator: Roger Voth
Mailing address: 2773 Bethel Church Rd, Clayhole KY 41317
Phone: 606-666-4911
Fax: 606-666-4911 (call first)
Email: grow@bethelcamp.org
Website: www.bethelcamp.org
Board of Directors: Darren Fisher, chair; Sam Augsburger, v. chair; Wendel Kurtz, Eldon H. Miller; David Moore; Becky Stoltzfus; Paul Riley; Julianna Rice; C. Duane Yoder; Earl Yoder, secretary
Founded: 1957
Camp Planning Team: Kendra Fisher, Mark and Mary Driskill, Roger and Ruthie Voth, Bill Burns
Vision Statement: For individuals to experience life-change through: Knowing Christ personally as creator and friend, growing in relationship with Him and sharing His love with others.



Overseas Director: Raju Musunuri
Mailing address: 1965 Rosedale-Plain City Road, Irwin, Ohio 43029
Phone: 614-388-8740
Board of Directors: Ernest Beachy, Bryan Roby, Jerry Troyer, Mark Troyer, Louise Yoder, Max Zook
Founded: September 19, 2005
Purpose: To conduct and support Christian ministry in the country of India by enhancing the ministry of the Ebenezer Fellowship of Churches, located in the state of Andhra Predesh. Specific activities include biblical preaching, teaching, evangelism, consulting, counseling, and training pastors and church leaders.



Camp Director: Gregg Kanagy
Mailing address: 44930 Farabee Road, Punta Gorda, Florida 33982
Phone: 941-639-7722
Executive Board of Directors: Michael Pope, president;Troy Peachey, vice-president; Vernon Sommers, secretary; Ray Quiles, treasurer; James Graber; Omar Troyer; Kevin Miller; David Miller, Morris Miller
Corporate Board of Directors: Dennis Sharp, president; Glen Byler, treasurer; Ben Smoker, secretary
Founded: 1996
Statement of Purpose: The Gator Wilderness Camp School is a private non-profit 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 dedicated to sharing Christ’s unconditional love with families and their sons who are not successfully managing the “navigational landmines” that exist in a boy’s world.


Mailing address: P.O. Box 83, Castorland, NY 13620
Board of Directors: Nelson Roes, chairman; Elmer Moser, vice chairman; Simon Gingerich, treasurer; Loren Roggie, secretary; Dannie Roes, field director; Mary Ellen Roggie; Aaron Miller; Mike Lyndaker; Matt Moser
Members: Pastor Prenas Alezy, gov. rep; Jean Michaud, local pastor; Frisno Labastille, hospital administrator
Founded: 1983
Statement of Purpose: The purpose of this Mission is exclusively for charitable, religious, and educational purposes. Our goal is to maintain and carry on Christian missionary work throughout the world and in furtherance thereof to maintain places of religious worship; to provide economic and material assistance to those in need anywhere in the world, to provide such medical and other assistance and services as may be necessary to carry on the teaching and preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ as further stated in the Articles of Incorporation.