What is Pastors’ Conference and who is it for?

Each year, in mid-February, CMC hosts a major training event for their ministers and guests.

All interested people are welcome to attend. The program is designed especially for ministers with the expectation that CMC ministers and their wives will attend. Lay leaders from their churches and guests are also encouraged to attend.

There is no registration fee, but freewill offerings will be lifted for meals and conference costs. Lodging is available in motels nearby and often free in-home lodging is offered by hosting congregations in the area.

Child care for nursery and preschool children will be provided during the morning and afternoon sessions.

Simultaneous translation of the messages into Spanish is provided through a listening system with receiver ear phones.

Free recordings of the sessions are available on the CMC website. DVD recordings can be ordered from Bradley Maust at maust980@yahoo.com or 814-442-1754.


Dates/Location for future Pastors’ Conference

2015 – February 16-19 at Rosedale Bible College, Irwin, Ohio.

2016 – February 15-18 at Light-in-the-Valley Chapel, Sugarcreek, Ohio