Annual Conference 2015 Lake Center Christian School, Hartville, Ohio

Taste of Missions 1463429046_video
Ladies – Session 1  1463429046_video
Ladies – Session 2 1463429046_video
Ladies – Session 3  1463429046_video
Ladies – Session 4  1463429046_video
Lyn Byler – Friday Evening  1463429046_video
Mel Shetler – Saturday Morning 1463429046_video
Carl Medearis – Saturday Evening 1463429046_video
Carl Medearis – Sunday Morning  1463429046_video

Pastors’ Conference 2015  Rosedale Bible College, Rosedale, Ohio

Come to the Cross and Unload Your Stuff   Mel Shetler 1463430614_youtube
Understanding Grace     Linden Good 1463430614_youtube
Caring for the Heart   Joe & Naomi Byler 1463430614_youtube
Understanding Discipleship    Kevin Mayer 1463430614_youtube
Discipleship: Yielded to the Holy Spirit  Paul Kroeker 1463430614_youtube
The Rest and Quiet Renewal of Winter Shirley Miller 1463430614_youtube
Dealing with Expectations   Vernon Zook 1463430614_youtube
Gifts of a Mentor    Steve Swartz 1463430614_youtube


Annual Conference 2014  Castorland, New York

Taste of Missions: RMM

Friday Evening: Art Mcphee
Barbara Borntrager: Session One – Spring 
Barbara Borntrager: Session Two – Summer 
Barbara Borntrager: Session Three – Autumn
Barbara Borntrager: Session Four – Winter
Saturday Morning: Dale Keffer
Saturday Afternoon: Multi-generational 
Saturday Evening: Richard and Jewel 
Sunday Morning: Jay Martin*

*Name changed for security purposes


Centennial – 100 years of God’s Faithfulness

Drama – 100 Years of Change – In a nutshell, this play covers 100 years of Amish-Mennonite culture change. This event was played out at the Conservative Mennonite Conference in Irwin OH.