Scholarships for CMC ministers to attend RBC


This scholarship is known as the CMC Ministerial Scholarship


The purpose of the CMC Ministerial Scholarship is to encourage and enable ministers who are active in the ministry of the Word in a CMC congregation to study at RBC.

Source of Funds:

These scholarships are supported financially by the income of the CMC Investment Funds at Mennonite Foundation and by matched funds contributed by congregations and individuals. The extent of funds available from the CMC Investment Fund will not exceed $3,000 per calendar year. It is not assumed that the entirety of the income of the Investment Fund is available for these scholarships. In no case shall the CMC Investment Fund be depleted for scholarship purposes to an amount less than the principle investments. The extent of funds available in each scholarship case shall be limited to the amount of matching funds for the same case from congregations or individuals other than the applicant or his immediate family. The scholarship is also reduced by the amount of governmental aid received by the student.

Candidate Eligibility:

Approval of candidates is subject to action of the Executive Board. Factors of consideration are ministerial status, ministerial assignment, activity level, recommendations from the congregation and/­or its leader­ship in which the applicant is serving, the long range vision and plans of the candidate, the financial situation of the candidate, and the candidate=s apparent motivation for the studies.  Ministers in service with an agency or institution other than a congregation generally are not eligible, since the agency or institution with which they serve may be a source of educational provisions.

Eligibility includes the following factors:

1. Ordination or licensure as a minister

2.  Completion of at least one year of active ministry in the role of senior pastor, associate pastor, or an equivalent involvement

3.  Definite assignment and availability after the study for a congrega­tional ministry represented by ordination or licen­sure

4.  Recommendation from the leadership of the applicant’s congrega­tion

5.  Participation by RBC and the local congregation in the provisions of this plan

6.  Executive Board approval

7.  Application completed by September 30 of the year the student attends RBC.

Eligible Studies:

On-campus courses and the Institute of Pastoral Studies (IPS) are eligible for this scholarship.

Qualifying Expenses:

On-campus expenses which qualify for this scholarship are the portion of tuition due to RBC after RBC discount for up to six credit hours per term, including the deposit fee and the activity fee. Effective in 1999,  the scholarship provides for up to $300 per month assistance with rent and a stipend of $100 per family member per six-week term for food. The term family member for this purpose refers to husband, wife, and dependent children 17 years of age or younger who live with the parents during the term of enrollment at RBC.

IPS expenses which qualify for this scholarship are tuition and room and board for one person during the week of on-campus classes.

Items payable to RBC are paid directly to RBC when due. Items payable to the applicant are paid upon the applicant’s arrival in Rosedale for a given term.

Expenses not included in the scholarship are the application fee, gradua­tion fee, property damage fee, and transportation costs.


The applicant may indicate his interest in this scholarship on the “Appli­cation for Admission” submitted to RBC. The application for scholarship should be submitted to the CMC office by the candidate. In view of the limited number of scholarships available in a given year, the order of receipt of applications will be considered as one factor in selecting recipients for the scholarship. The application for scholarship includes reference for approval and recommendation by the leadership of the candidate’s congregation.

In the event of a scholarship recipient leaving ministry in the context of CMC within five years of completion of study supported by the scholar­ship, the amounts forwarded to or paid the minister or paid to RBC by CMC is refundable by the recipient to CMC, prorated over a five-year period, unless specifically exempted by the Executive B­oard.

For current information or scholarship application form, contact one of the following:

 Rosedale Bible College  Conservative Mennonite Conference
 2270 Rosedale Rd  9910 Rosedale Milford Center Rd
 Irwin OH 43029  Irwin OH 43029
 Fax:   740-857-1311  740-857-1605
 Phone: 877-857-1312  866-883-1367

Click here for a ministerial application form to attend Rosedale Bible College.