The following discipleship resources have been reviewed and recommended by Conservative Mennonite Conference. Click on the resource for a one page overview with a listing of the strengths and weaknesses of each resource.

  1. Alpha (DVD course)
  2. Just Walk Across the Room by Bill Hybels (Book)
  3. Bible Study for Beginners (Booklet)
  4. Manuscript Bible Study
  5. Stephen Ministry (Training course)
  6. Caring for the Heart Ministries (Counseling course)
  7. First Steps (1:1 Discipleship Workbook)
  8. Experiencing God by Henry Blackaby (Workbook)
  9. What’s My Shape? (Workbook)
  10. Multiply by Frances Chan (Book)
  11. Perspectives Course (World Christian movement)
  12. Firm Foundations: Creation to Christ (Training course)
  13. Kingdom Come