This 29-page booklet is designed for one teacher and one or more youth/adult learners. The six-lesson study is conducted for one hour each week in the home of a beginner. The simple lessons are great for evangelism. Many who complete the course do make a commitment to follow Jesus.

Along with the salvation theme is a simple introduction to the outline and structure of the Bible. The lesson titles are Introduction to the Bible; Consequences of Sin; Spiritual Birth; The Need for the Death of Jesus; Decisions, Decisions, Decisions; and Receiving Jesus. Homework assignments include reading one chapter of 1 John and highlighting verses with special meaning.


1. Lessons are teacher led (not DVD based) and interactive, which keep the learner engaged.

2. The lessons give an overview of the Bible and include the learner looking up Bible references.

3. A simple diagram at the end of the book is a powerful tool for clarifying the spiritual condition of the learner.

4. The six-lesson sequence gently leads the learner to Jesus.


1. The tool is a harvest tool and in itself contains no follow-up material.

2. The tool assumes little Bible knowledge, so some may think the lessons are too simplistic.


Copies of this course may be ordered from Conservative Mennonite Conference at