Training Course


Jesus focused on the spiritual and emotional needs that people were experiencing to help them resolve their needs. (Luke 4;18) Spiritual problems can be resolved by leading a person to acknowledge and repent of the specific area of sin with which they are struggling. Emotional issues can be resolved by leading them in prayer to find peace in their heart from the pain they experience.

The mission statement of Caring for the Heart Mission is: We exist to care for the heart by assisting individuals in identifying and resolving emotional and spiritual issues. We rely on the Word of God and the enabling of power of the Holy Spirit in each counseling session. The counselor is only the facilitator.

Two of the workbooks used are Biblical Concepts and Caring for the Emotionally Damaged Heart.


1. Many people in CMC have been trained in the Caring for the Heart ministry and they in turn have helped many people struggling with emotional and spiritual issues.

2. Ministry is typically offered on a donation basis, so those with limited funds can experience help.

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