Book and Study Guide by Bill Hybels


This is a study on personal evangelism that can be used in a small group study using an accompanying workbook. There are 4 video sessions that are watched as a part of the book study.

In Session One, entitled The Single Greatest Gift, the point is made that the greatest gift anyone can give another is an introduction to their Creator.

In Session Two, Living in 3D, readers see that effective evangelism really only happens when Christians are actively involved in others lives under the direction of the Holy Spirit.  One of the keys is to build friendships.

Session Three, The Power of Story, focuses on teaching believers how to tell two stories well: the story of how a believer came to Christ and the story of Jesus Christ.

Session Four, Grander Vision Living, reminds readers that people are the grand vision close to God’s heart.


1. The teaching is solid from a conservative and evangelical standpoint and presented in an enthusiastic manner.

2. Several leaders at a CMC church have been through the study and are enthused about reaching those outside the church.