For transfer of ministerial credentials from a non-CMC church body or organization to Conservative Mennonite Conference, the applicant is requested to submit to the CMC office, for processing by the Executive Board (1) a letter requesting the transfer, (2) the completed Questionnaire for Candidates for the Ministry, and (3) a CMC Personal Fact Sheet or other bio fact sheet. These forms can be requested from the CMC office and should be submitted at least one month in advance of the scheduled Executive Board meeting in order to allow timely distribution to the Ministerial Committee and the Executive Board.

Transfer of ministerial credentials and membership includes the following features:

  1. The applicant is requested to be informed of and to affirm the doctrine and policies of CMC;
  2. The applicant submits a completed CMC Questionnaire to the CMC office;
  3. The Questionnaire of the applicant is subject to approval of the Executive Board and the Ministerial Committee;
  4. The Executive Board, when satisfied with the applicant’s qualifications, recommends to the CMC business meeting that the applicant be received as a ministerial member with recognition of credentials;
  5. The business meeting takes action on the Executive Board’s recommendation.

Congregational selection of pastors without CMC ministerial membership includes the following features:

When a congregation’s search committee or leadership moves toward calling to its pastorate (senior or associate) an ordained man who does not hold credentials with CMC, the Questionnaire shall be submitted and CMC executive approval shall be received before presenting the name to the congregation. “CMC executive approval,” for this purpose, may consist of action by the Executive Board or by the Ministerial Committee, or endorsement of each and all of the following: the CMC moderator, the chairman of the Ministerial Committee, and the overseer of the subject congregation. These variations of possible executive approval are provided in view of possible contingencies arising related to schedules and circumstances. But due effort shall be made to schedule the procedures in favor of the regular meeting schedules of the Executive Board and the Ministerial Committee.