This memo of understanding is developed between overseer ________________________________ and ________________________________________________ church for the term of oversight from __/__/__ to __/__/__.


1. At the invitation of the pastor, the overseer will preach __________ times per year in a Sunday morning worship service.

2. At the invitation of the pastor, the overseer will have face-to-face contact with some or all of the leadership team (pastor[s], elders, council,or board) at least ______ time(s) per year.

3. At the initiation of _________________________________ (specify pastor or overseer), the pastor and overseer will have phone, email, or other contact at least three or four times a year. The overseer will serve as pastor to the congregational pastor.

4. ______________________________  (church designee) will send bulletins, newsletters, and leadership minutes to the overseer.

5. The pastor will initiate contact with the overseer regarding significant church events, including pastoral vacancies and tensions within the congregation. The overseer will assist the pastor in resolving these issues and/or be in touch with the conference minister as appropriate. The overseer will communicate with the congregation through the pastor except in extreme cases.

6. The overseer will be reimbursed for time and cost of travel to the congregation according to conference guidelines. The request for reimbursement will come to the church treasurer through ______________________________ (pastor or church designee). Or the church could establish an annual love gift/budgetary line item which would be given to the overseer each year in acknowledgement of the overseer’s general availability, time, and travel.

7. Other arrangements –