It has pleased God, through the leading of His Holy Spirit through the church to call ____________________ to serve as overseer of the ____________________ congregation. The Conservative Mennonite Conference prescribes the following duties for an overseer:

To assist the congregation in giving vision to its life and ministry.

  1. To serve as pastor to the pastor.
  2. To perform the duties of a bishop, if necessary.
  3. To encourage the pastor and the congregation to work diligently to develop wholesome relationships within the congregation and with Conservative Mennonite Conference.

The ____________________ Church/congregation has further specified that the overseer shall ____________________.


The Question

[Candidate and wife stand and remain standing till after prayer]

Brother ____________________, are you willing to accept the call to serve as overseer of this congregation, to accept the responsibilities which this office requires, and to be faithful in working for the welfare of this congregation?

(I am.)

Sister ____________________, are you willing for your husband to accept this responsibility of overseer and to support him in it?

(I am.)


Congregational Response

As a congregation, you have called Brother ____________________ to serve as your overseer. Are you willing to support him in prayer, to be open to receive and give counsel, and walk together in brotherly love in behalf of the church and for God’s glory? You may express your affirmative response by standing.

[After expressing support by standing, the congregation is seated.]


The Charge

Brother ____________________, in recognition of the congregation’s call to you and your acceptance of the call, we hereby charge you with the responsibilities of overseer of church/ congregation May the Lord grant you grace, wisdom, and love to faithfully discharge your responsibilities as overseer and to serve effectively for the welfare of the Pastor and the congregation.


[With congregation standing]

Prayer lead by ____________________

[Congregation is seated]



The newly installed overseer and wife are greeted at this point by predesignated persons, including the pastoral team and elders and wives. The congregation is encouraged to move forward to greet the candidate and wife after a closing song and a closing prayer.