Some CMC churches have regularly scheduled evaluation of their pastors. These evaluations may occur every year, but are more likely to occur every three – five years. Participants in the evaluations may vary. Sometimes they are done by the overseer alone, sometimes by the leadership team, and sometimes by the entire congregation. CMC does not specify whether or not evaluations need to occur, nor do they specify how often or by whom.

The following links will assist persons in understanding the pros and cons of conducting pastoral evaluations and give some sample evaluation tools.

1. To help understand the complexities of pastoral evaluations and to see guidelines in their use click Pastoral Evaluation Guidelines.

2. To see one example of a simple pastoral evaluation tool, click on Pastoral Evaluation Sample #1.

3. To see a lengthier example of a pastoral evaluation tool, click on Pastoral Evaluation Sample #2.

4. To see a sample of an evaluation tool that focuses on preaching alone, click on Pastoral Evaluation – Preaching

Congregations are encouraged to carefully consider the guidelines above and, if they decide to conduct an evaluation, draw from these samples and make up their own evaluation tool that is custom-designed for their own uses.