This item deals with reimbursement of resource persons, including speakers at events such as the Annual Conference, Minister’s Fellowship and events such as mission’s festivals, financial convocations, etc. This policy applies to those situations where the CMC office is responsible or involved for the reimbursement or payment of honorarium. A guest speaker is defined, for purposes of this document, as one who is not any of the following:  a ministerial member of CMC, a member of a CMC congregation, an employee of a CMC agency. Individual churches are encouraged to set their own rate based on their own economic situation.

Rate of payment

Honorariums are calculated by a stipulated amount per input or per day, whichever calculates to the highest figure.  As of 2010, the rate is $200 per input or $300 per day.  The rate can be adjusted by the general secretary and moderator.

The number of days in the “per day” calculation includes the days of input and, in addition, may include days of considerable travel time.

Reimbursement of travel costs shall be calculated at actual cost when economical public transportation is used or at the IRS rate for the use of a car.

Committees involved

This policy applies to events arranged by the Executive Board, the CMC office, and the Ministers’ Fellowship program committee

This policy is suggested to the following committees: Women’s Fellowship, Youth, and Men’s Fellowship.  However, these groups may formulate and follow their own plans, provided their costs are covered by their offerings and other sources of income generated by them.  Their income can be seen as applicable to expenses for guest speakers and for other expenses, such as committee meeting expenses and use of facilities by the annual conference.

However, the plan of the Women’s Fellowship for remaining monies to go to the Women’s Service committee for WSC projects is honored.

RMM and RBC will follow their own policies.

Limitations and exceptions

Payment of honorariums and travel expenses is limited to guest speakers.  This represents the historic practice of individuals from within the CMC circle ministering in the annual events without financial reimbursement.

Exceptions to this policy should not be made lightly, but can be considered and implemented when there is a particular reason to do so. Such exception shall be cleared in advance with the Executive Board and shall be accompanied by a special effort to raise the funds to cover the expense.