Scholarship Details

The Urban Horizons Scholarship fund was established in 2014 with a two-fold purpose:

1.  To promote theological education and scholarship within the Conservative Mennonite Conference and its agencies.

2. To support and promote stateside urban church-planting initiatives within the conference by partnering seminary students in the inner city with existing church planting work.

The Urban Horizons Scholarship is currently available for individuals interested in pursuing graduate level studies at the Boston campus of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. In exchange for a 50% scholarship for part-time studies (not to exceed 9 credit hours a semester), recipients will be expected to support the church-planting efforts of the CMC in the city of Boston. Church-planting responsibilities will include (but may not be limited to) participation in two evenings a week of church related work. Recipients will also be expected to attend a discipleship group every other week where they will engage with the CMC’s foundational documents and theology.

The administrative leadership of the CMC and the ministerial leadership of the Boston site will review all incoming applications. Applicants will be expected to interview with the Boston site leadership and a site visit is highly recommended. Any scholarship is contingent upon acceptance to the Boston campus of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. Applicants are strongly encouraged to apply to the Gordon-Conwell’s Pierce Fellowship program for additional mentoring and financial support.

Please request a scholarship form from CMC at or cut and paste the following information into a Word document, fill it out, and submit it to the address below.


I. Personal Information (Please type or print.)

Name (Last, First, Middle)__________________________________________________

Last name(s) on previous transcripts (if different from above)______________________

Address ________________________________________________________________

Preferred E-mail Address___________________________________________________

Home Phone ____________________ Cell Phone ______________________

Work Phone_____________________ May We Contact You There?__________

Permanent Address________________________________________________________


Place of Birth ____________________________________________________________

Sex ____________________________________________________________________




II. Programs

Application has been submitted to the following program (check one only):

Graduate Programs:

Master of Divinity

Master of Arts in:   Urban Ministry       Youth Ministry       Educational Ministries


III. When Do You Plan to Enroll at Gordon-Conwell?

Fall Semester, 20_____ Spring Semester, 20_____ January Intensive, 20_____

Summer, 20_____


IV. Recommendations

List the names and addresses of three references as indicated. Please have each reference send a letter of recommendation describing your character and their relationship to you. All letters of recommendation should be sent directly from your references to the CMC office in Rosedale, OH. (see end of form)

Have the completed forms sent directly to the CMC’s Rosedale office (see end of form).

Friend or Associate



Pastor or Church Official



Former Professor or Professional Colleague



What person most influenced your decision to apply for this scholarship?



V. Church Information

Present Church;

Name of church and city____________________________________________________

Is this your home church? __________________________________________________


Pastor: ________________________________________________________________________


Specific denominational affiliation of church: __________________________________

Are you (circle or highlight one):

Staff Member         Member            Regular Attender             Occasional Attender


VI. Personal Statements

Please type and attach all responses and include your name on each page.


1. Attach the brief autobiographical statement you included in your application to Gordon-Conwell.


2. Review the content on the Boston church plant’s website and write a statement explaining your specific interest in the urban church-planting work of the Conservative Mennonite Conference. What excites you most about the prospect of studying/ministering in the city of Boston? What skills and passions do you feel you might contribute to the CMC’s Boston vision? How do you feel that your pursuit of theological studies will advance the overall mission of the CMC? (two pages maximum).


3. Please review the CMC’s Statement of Theology and Statement of Practice. What is your view of these statements? Are there areas with which you disagree? If so, please explain. (two pages maximum).


VII. Check List for a Complete Application

1. Completed & signed application.

2. Personal Statements.

3. Three recommendation forms.

Return the completed application to:

9910 Rosedale-Milford Center Road Irwin, OH 43029



Once application materials are submitted to Conservative Mennonite Conference, they become the permanent record and property of the conference. Completed forms may be shared with CMC affiliates.

Submitted application materials will not be returned to applicant.